This is a list of our most frequently asked questions.  


Q: Whom do I contact for technical assistance in completing a grant application?
A: Technical support is available. Please email info@KOLonline.com
Q: I forgot my Password. What can I do?
A: Use the 'Click here if you forgot your password' link just under the login form. 
Q: My password is not working. What do I do?
A: Your password is case sensitive. Please make sure to enter it exactly as it appears in the email notification, with no extra spaces or characters. You may wish to copy and paste the information directly from the email notification. Do not include extra characters such as extra blank spaces or quotation marks.
Q: What browsers are supported?
A: Most popular browsers are supported, including: Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Submit a Grant application

Q: Are there specific therapeutic areas in which Supernus will consider grants?
A: Our current disease area of interest is: Neurology (Movement Disorders) and Psychiatry (ADHD)
Q: Who can request a medical educational grant?
A: Organizations eligible for medical education grants include:
  • Hospitals
  • Community health centers
  • Academic medical centers
  • Universities and colleges
  • Medical schools
  • Professional and medical associations/societies/foundations
  • Medical education and communication companies (MECCs)
  • Non-profit organizations
Supernus will not consider grants submitted by:
  • Individuals
  • Physician private practice groups
  • Health plans
  • Managed care organizations
  • Organizations that have received grant funding in the past but have not provided required budget reconciliation or have not returned unused funds for a program.
  • Debarred groups or institutions Supernus will review and consider grant requests for activities that occur within and outside the United States (US).

Q: What items are considered outside the scope of the Supernus grants program?
A: Items include:
  • General capital or operating expenses (e.g. office equipment/staff, computer hardware/software)
  • Website development not associated with an accredited educational program
  • Service contracts
  • Entertainment
  • Gifts for faculty, attendees or organizations
  • Religious programs
  • Educational events in which the primary purpose or majority of time spent is not devoted to education
  • Textbooks or journal subscriptions

Q: Can I request a grant for an activity that has already occurred?
A: No. Supernus will not fund a program/event that has already occurred. Supernus will only consider complete applications that are received at least 8 weeks prior to the start date of the event (live activity or enduring material creation).
Q: Does previous support for an activity affect or guarantee future support?
A: No. The grant and funding process is competitive. Each grant request will be reviewed on individual merit relative to other grant requests.
Q: Will Supernus consider a single grant request that contains both CME and promotional activities?
A: A CME grant request may NOT be combined with promotional activities
Q: Will Supernus consider proposals for educational activities for Healthcare professionals that are not CME/CE accredited?
A: Yes. Supernus accepts applications for both accredited and non-accredited medical education program; however, accredited programs will receive higher priority.
Q: Can an Supernus sales representative, marketing personnel or Medical Science Liaison assist me with my grant application or keep me informed of the status of my request?
A: Supernus sales or marketing personnel may provide information about the Supernus grant program, but have no role in the grant application or approval process. The grant process is independent of the company's sales and marketing organization. All requests for support must be made on-line by the requestor. A grant submitted by any Supernus employee will be rejected.
Q: What if my descriptions, descriptions agenda, etc. do not fit into the space provided on the on-line application form?
A: You have the option to upload (attach) supporting documentation. Do not enter and attach. We encourage applicants to use the space (fields) provided.
Q: How do I attach a document?
A: To attach a document, click on the Browse button to the right of the field to which you wish to attach the document. A window will open which will show your folders on your computer. Navigate to the location of the document, click on the document to select it and then click Open. When you submit the grant request, the document will be attached to your application.
Q: What if I don't have an electronic version of my organization's signed W-9 form?
A: Please print your W-9 form, sign, scan and upload as an attachment to your application. In addition, if operating under a d/b/a (Doing/Business/As) the name of the organization must be listed on the second line of the current W-9.  You must provide the most recent version of the W-9 form. Please visit www.irs.gov for information.
Q: How will I know if my grant application was submitted correctly?
A: You will receive an email from the Supernus grants system acknowledging that your grant application has been received. Note that additional information may be requested. Your grant will be reviewed by Supernus only after it considers your grant application complete for review. If you do not receive an email, you may check the status of your application once you have logged in by viewing the My Grant Request folder on your homepage.

Draft Submissions

Q: Can I save my application as a Draft and log back in later to finish?
A: Yes, you have the option to save a draft of your application, and return at a later time to continue the application process.
Q: I saved my grant request as a draft and now I can't find my login information. Can Supernus retrieve it?
A: If you cannot remember your login information, contact Client Services Support at info@KOLonline.com. They will reset your login details as needed and provide them to you.

Edit a Grant Request

Q: I received an email from Supernus requesting more information on my grant, but I am not able to access the grant with the login information provided.
A: Please make sure to enter the exact same email address as was submitted in the "Applicant Information" section of the request. Your password is case-sensitive. Copying and pasting the information directly from the email notification usually works best.
Q: I received an email requesting additional information. Can I fax or email the information? How much time to do I have for completion?
A: No. All updates to grant applications must be made directly to grantmanagement@kolonline.com, unless otherwise requested. Please include the grant ID number associated with the submission on the subject line. Supernus request that all additional information is submitted within 5-7 business days of the notification. 

Decision-making and Communication

Q: How can I check on the status of a grant submitted on-line?
A: You may check the status of your application at any time on-line. Once you have logged in, view the My Grant Request folder on your homepage for more information.
Q: What is the average review time for a grant request?
A: Review times may vary from grant to grant. Please allow at least 8 weeks. Providing complete and accurate documentation at the time of initial submission may help minimize review time.
Q: How does Supernus decide on funding?
A: All grant requests are reviewed by our Grant Review Committee using objective criteria. Grant funding is made in accordance with the recommendations and mandates of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Guidelines, the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, and applicable laws as well as internal company policies and guidelines. The criteria for awarding a grant include:
  • Therapeutic Alignment with Supernus Areas of Interest
  • Available Budget
  • Scientific and educational merit
  • Learning objectives
  • Educational needs
  • Target audience
Grant Review Committee decisions will be communicated via email. Any expenses incurred prior to Supernus' receipt of the signed Letter of Agreement will be at your own risk.


Q: How will I receive the Letter of Agreement?
A: An agreement must be executed for any independent medical education grant funded. Only one agreement may be in place for a given program/grant. The agreement will be sent to you by email. You are required to print, sign and send Supernus an original copy back, along with a current W-9 form.
Q: Who should sign the Letter of Agreement?
A: The agreement should only be signed by persons authorized by the company/institution/organization to enter into contractual agreements on their behalf. The Agreement must be signed by all parties.
Q: Will Supernus sign an institution's Letter of Agreement or other documentation?
A: Yes. Supernus will execute a full Letter of Agrement from the insititution.
Q: I sent the Letter of Agreement executed by my institution/company/organization back to Supernus. How do I know if Supernus received it?
A: Supernus will confirm receipt of the agreement by email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within a reasonable amount of time, please email Supernus.


Q: How soon will I receive funding?
A: It can take up to 45 days after the agreement is fully executed before payment is issued. Requestors may help minimize the time by providing complete documentation in a timely manner.


Q: What is reconciliation and what are Supernus' requirements?
A: Reconciliation will be required for medical education grants $5,000 and above, and must be completed within 90 days after the end date of the funded activity. The grant recipient should provide information on the event (e.g., audience reach, use of funds) to confirm that the grant award was used as intended. If your organization does not reconcile, you will not be permitted to apply for future grants. The reconciliation process may be done on-line.
Q: Is reconciliation required If all the grant funds were spent exactly as stated in the application?
A: Yes. As specified in your Letter of Agreement, reconciliation is required for all grants, to verify proper use of grant funds.
Q: I am receiving email reminders to submit a grant reconciliation, but the program has not yet ended. What do I do?
A: Reconciliations are triggered by the Program End Date you provided in the grant application. If you are receiving reconciliation reminders, then your submitted End Date has passed. If your Program End Date has changed, you must notify Supernus by email so we can update our records.
Q: What happens if we do not use the entire amount funded for an activity?
A: Unused funds must be returned to Supernus and cannot be applied to activities other than for which the grant was awarded.